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Whenever you need us, whatever the legal issue, NCR is ready to respond. NCR law firm is a full-service law firm providing the legal services in Serbia and Montenegro.

We provide legal support in a wide range of legal areas and industries.

Foreign Investment & Environmental

Want to invest in Serbia or Montenegro?

In today’s globalized economy, businesses constantly seek ways to boost performance, expand and gain access to local and emerging markets. This means finding the best possible investment destination—with a skilled, cost-effective workforce, robust business environment and attractive incentives.

NCR’s expertise and experience will help you identify the most suitable location and will guide you through a wide spectrum of issues relating to the investment process, including:

• Government relations
• Tax incentives
• State aid
• Real estate
• Corporate vehicles
• Investment protection
• Construction
• Employment
• Environmental aspects
• Manufacturing
• Sales

NCR will guide you in seeking resolution of enforcement actions, defending permits and pursuing legal remedies where necessary. Rely on our help and advice to take a proactive stance in assessing and managing liability from production to disposal, for products you manufacture, or assets you acquire or sell. When major incidents do occur, look to our lawyers for strategic management counsel and representation.

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