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Why you should choose us as your lawyer?

NCR is a top tier law firm compound of diverse group of legal professionals who operate collectively towards a single goal — providing our clients with top-tier legal service.

Our many years of experience are coupled with innovative thinking and business focused problem solving to reach the best solutions for our clients.

We remain on the cutting edge of legal developments, by taking the time to study, track and anticipate changes in laws and regulations that could potentially impact our clients. In every matter that we handle, we partner with our clients to minimize risks and advance our clients’ short and long- term objectives.

What makes us different?

Our focus is on your business, your needs and goals, providing specific advice that gets a deal done or a dispute resolved anytime you need us.

We assemble teams of lawyers and professionals, customized to the needs of each client. We are recognized world class team of lawyers committed to providing legal services to businesses, tailored by industry and personalized to each client’s needs.

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Modern, Efficient Methods

It’s often said that lawyers are slow to change. We embraced the best of both, traditional and contemporary worlds.

We have designed a modern law firm based on the best traditional foundations.

Our legal team addresses each case uniquely: by customizing the team of legal specialists to address all the client’s needs using the latest technology as a tool to help us serve our clients more efficiently.

In this manner we save both time and costs to our clients keeping our services at the top tier level.

Honest Risk Assessment

We’ll say it again – we are not in the business of sales. Legal action – whether it’s a simple counter-proposal on a severance offer, or a full-blown lawsuit – always involves some element of risk. To skim over that fact would be a grave disservice to our clients. Before we agree to representation, we make sure our clients understand all the benefits and risks involved in our proposed course of action.

Our goal is to give you the tools necessary to make an informed decision for yourself. At NCR, you can expect an honest, straightforward evaluation of: - The merits of your case - The drawbacks and hurdles in your case - The chances that you will prevail - What you are likely to recover if you do prevail - What the costs and risks will be if you proceed

Honest, Upfront Billing

We believe that lawyers should not be in the business of sales. Too often, we’ve seen people who have signed up for a lawsuit without a clear understanding of the finances involved.

This causes confusion and dissatisfaction – two feelings that we never want our clients to experience. That’s why we make sure that all financial issues are clearly understood before we move forward with any representation.


Legal expertise, high professional standards, permanent learning, grasp of the current trends, and the impeccable attention to detail show NCR’s legal team is commitment to providing top legal advice and achieving lasting results for our clients.​

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Corporate social responsibility

We believe that our responsibilities extend beyond that of simply providing legal advice to our clients – we believe that we also have duties towards our community.

Corporate social responsibility and pro bono are important parts of the NCR’ culture and ethics.

We are proud to have served a number of international and local foundations and NGOs helping the disabled, the aged, children with special needs, refugees etc.

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Sofija CeperkovicSofija Ceperkovic
14:20 31 May 24
Miljana TopicMiljana Topic
20:43 05 May 24
Tamara IlicTamara Ilic
19:54 05 May 24
Milena StamenkovicMilena Stamenkovic
16:40 05 May 24
Highly recommended!
Jovana ArsicJovana Arsic
14:31 25 Feb 24
NCR lawyers in Belgrade helped me draw up a contract with a foreign client.... They answered all my questions very professionally and quickly. I will be happy to continue working with them!read more
Vladimir ZbiljicVladimir Zbiljic
19:59 24 Feb 24
They helped us to open the company quickly, in the way that best suits our... business. Very professional and direct cooperation with lawyers in Belgrade.read more
Vladislav SateevVladislav Sateev
09:12 12 Sep 23
Nemanja is one of the best lawyers I’ve met. Fast to respond, always helpful... and just a good person. He helped me with many questions, so thank youread more
Jovan JovanovicJovan Jovanovic
18:51 30 Aug 23
I had a fantastic experience with Nemanja! Their professionalism and... responsibility were truly impressive. They did an excellent job, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommended!read more
Marijana RakićMarijana Rakić
12:20 21 Aug 23
I had a very positive experience working with lawyer Nemanja. His expertise and... dedication provided me with extremely useful support in opening my company and managing all legal aspects. Nemanja handled all legal formalities quickly and efficiently, providing me with a clear understanding of each step of the process. His attention to detail and ability to express complex legal concepts in a way that non-lawyers can understand really impressed me. Also, Nemanja's communication is outstanding; he was always available for questions and information, giving me a sense of security and support at all times. Without a doubt, I would recommend Nemanja to anyone looking for a reliable lawyer for legal matters. He is definitely a key member of the team that enabled me to run my company successfully.read more
Jovana ColicJovana Colic
12:12 21 Aug 23
I want to express my deep gratitude to the NCR law firm that recently assisted... me in the process of buying an apartment. Their service was extremely professional and efficient. They approached the drafting of the sales contract with a high level of precision and speed. I am particularly satisfied with their thoroughness when reviewing all documents related to the purchase of an apartment. Nemanja's accuracy and attention to detail impressed me. Great cooperation with Nemanja and his team allowed me to feel safe during the entire process.I wholeheartedly recommend the NCR Law Firm to anyone looking for professional and reliable support for legal services.read more