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Whenever you need us, whatever the legal issue, NCR is ready to respond. NCR law firm is a full-service law firm providing the legal services in Serbia and Montenegro.

We provide legal support in a wide range of legal areas and industries.

Dispute Resolution

At NCR, our lawyers draw upon their extensive experience, trusted judgment and insight to develop a customized strategy—always with your specific business objectives at top of mind. We partner with our clients to manage risk and to avoid litigation whenever possible. When litigation is unavoidable, we analyze efficiently and effectively the negotiating weaknesses of opponents and devises optimum procedural tactics or creative settlement approaches.

Our dispute resolution team employs the most appropriate tools and strategies for each stage of the process and each unique situation. Whether through timely use of innovative alternative dispute resolution techniques or skillful and persuasive advocacy in the courtroom, you can count on our lawyers to maximize your prospects for a successful outcome. We also work with you to assess and manage your risks in relation to the legal costs of the dispute and to seek to minimize the likelihood of future litigation.

Our litigation practice encompasses among other:

- Administrative litigation -

NCR has extensive experience in assisting clients with agency rule promulgation, rule challenges, and other administrative litigation, including administrative proceedings that involve challenges to licenses, permits, and comprehensive plan amendments and government contract protests.

- Commercial litigation -

We advise some of the most high-profile businesses in identifying and managing business risk, and pride ourselves on our solution and commercial driven approach. Commercial disputes are at the heart of our firm and our team is extremely versatile – whether operating in the courts, before arbitral tribunals or any other specialist tribunal, regulator or ombudsman, we have the right capability to assist you.

- Competition and Antitrust Litigation -

The number of countries which have adopted and enforce competition law, such as laws dealing with cartels, abuses of monopoly power and/or merger control, is at an all-time high. Businesses therefore need advice from experienced competition lawyers, who understand the relevant issues and can identify appropriate solutions to antitrust and competition problems. As a result, expert, commercial competition litigation advice and representation are increasingly important for companies, not only as defendants but also when they wish to use private litigation as a means of redress.

NCR’s antitrust team combines technical expertise with strategic advice to pursue or defend claims on behalf of our clients before national courts.

- Constitutional Appeals & ECHR -

Human rights are regulated in both the Constitution as well as in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and, each individual is entitled to seek redress before the Constitutional Court and ECHR. Attorney expertise is essential when safeguarding human rights, and with their extensive experience in representing clients before the Constitutional Court and ECHR, NCR’ team are the perfect choice.

- Construction and Engineering Disputes -

NCR is the preferred choice for leading companies looking for first-class property litigation expertise. Clients often approach the Property and Finance Litigation team, in preference to their day-to-day legal advisers, to act on complex one-off disputes. Working with the firm’s pre-eminent energy and infrastructure team, NCR’s disputes team appears on the most complex energy and infrastructure disputes.

- Employment Disputes -

Our employment and labor lawyers are known for their creative, business-savvy counseling skills and, when necessary, their results-driven, highly successful litigation practice. NCR’s represents local and multinational businesses with respect to the full range of workforce-related issues and matters.

- Intellectual Property Litigation -

We advise our clients on disputes relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other IP rights, in a range of dispute resolution proceedings, including litigation, arbitration and mediation. We have extensive experience in advising on contractual disputes relating to IP. Our expertise spans a range of industry sectors, including healthcare, technology, telecoms and consumer products.

Our lawyers, many of whom have scientific qualifications, are familiar with dealing with complex technologies and develop a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses. We use this knowledge to provide commercial and cost-effective solutions to IP disputes and maximize the value of our clients’ IP assets.

- White collar crime, corporate crime & misdemeanor -

NCR’s team of dispute resolution lawyers understands that settlement negotiations facilitated by third-party mediation often produce successful outcomes achieved faster and less expensively than through conventional litigation. Mediation offers the added benefits of allowing the parties to preserve vital business relationships and maintain confidentiality over sensitive information.

NCR’s dispute resolution lawyers are trained and experienced in the advocacy skills you need for a successful mediation. Let our expertise help you realize the benefits of a mediated solution, so you can get back to business.

Our Law firm offers clients assistance, representation and legal advice at all stages of the arbitration process. Our services include pre-arbitral negotiations, the conduct of arbitral proceedings and advocacy at trial. We also appear before national courts to enforce or resist enforcement of international arbitration agreements and arbitral awards, as well as to prosecute or defend applications for interim measures in support of arbitration.

- M&A litigation -

NCR team encompasses all aspects of private and public M&A litigation and related issues around the world. NCR litigators are experienced in all aspects of M&A transactions and have industry-leading expertise in disputes relating to public offers and warranty agreements. Regional companies, banks and investment funds trust NCR to understand their business requirements and solve their most exacting and potentially damaging transactional disputes. A strategic, rather than a mechanistic, approach to M&A litigation is the group’s hallmark.

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